Sunday, November 21, 2010

Horror weekend

Well work wise Stupidly swapped my am shifts for arvos, mostly to get more sleep. Of course this has bitten me on the arse.
Emergency repairs meant my Saturday was spent in my chair, only getting up to run and i mean run to the toilet & back. Even lost control for a period of time (work wise not me personally)
No time for a walk and the drive home was frustrating. People driving 30km/hr under the speed limit. Why can i not kill them or at least throw rocks. Seriously

Sorta proud of myself that i did not pour more than one small baileys glass, but instead turned to Guitar hero and Rockband and played for a few hours. Much better.
Finally went to be alone. :-(

Sunday's weather was perfect for ship hunting. Of course i am on arvo. :-(
I walked up for a subway and then again later to post some cards. 4.3km negated by the need for chocolate. :-) i will be walking tonight on the treadmill.

Depressed but at least not angry, weird but that is preferable.

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