I'm finding charms in the afternoon shift

Yes, i know, shocking. After years of bleating about them, this spring has made me re-think my attitude. I am still away from home a ridiculous amount of hours.. It is also cooler for walking. Still annoyed running is out, but I have found i can extend to almost 6km elating without pain. :-). Well without too much pain. Some but not limping. Still a win.

Today's shift was not so evil as yesterday's still time for things to go wrong, but finger's crossed, it won't.

Walked to dulwich hill station and then back via marrickville station. Took an hour but happy with the effort in the time i was allowed. I am glad it was not flat either as i need to built strength in my calves again. Too tight.

-Tim found this in catch of the day. It definitely goes under "what were they thinks???"

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  1. That train pic makes a good use of Instagram. Apart from the attached electronic sign on it, it looks like it really was taken in the seventies!


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