It nearly killed me

In orangeNo hangover but a stomach that did not agree with me and let me know it the whole day. URGGHH
Didn't eat the whole day until home time, and was sleepy. Nothing helped. Nothing. going home I dozed off in a colleague's car.. oops... Made it home in my car. Then crashed for am hour or two.
Work colleagues were loud, one kept saying that management and rosters were discriminatory against him (The guy who upset me yesterday) when it is plain to us more senior ppl that they are not. The argument went round and round in circles all day. Lots of yelling.. (YAY) and in the end nothing got resolved. I did says be willing to travel ( to outer metro) or shut up.. and all were in agreement. All of use who have been promoted have showed initiative and taken jobs away from home. The ppl who have stayed at the junior grades were the ones who wanted to stay close to home. It works both ways. Be willing to learn and go where the jobs are and get promoted. Bullying and yelling and harrassing gets you nowhere. I used to pop in and see my boss and talk about where I would like to go and what I wish to achieve etc.. and we worked together. I got the higher paying jobs, others didn't.  I have never played the female card ever.

David woke me up to ask about the car, as I am selling his and it has been detailed, it is in the carport away from the weather. Of course he was not allowed to pick up his car today as the salesman wants to be there and therefore D has to wait until tomorrow. This is annoying for me as MY car has not made a trip to Auburn and I am trying to keep my KMs down. Grump. Least it will be filled with petrol.

Mail was boring most exciting thing for me was a box of lights for the snakes. YAY.
I am off to bed again. I do hope I am not awake at 2345... again :-(

Water dragonWater dragon
Did a few more photos from Friday/Sat at River Island

Sunset at River IslandSunset at River Island
In this case the Sky was washed out no matter what I did with the
 HDR. :-(

Welcome Swallow. Not I use a 7-8FPS camera. He was there.. then GONE!.. :-(
Welcome SwallowSwallow



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