Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day work (Until next time) PLUS

David's New car
I'll start with the end of my day and go backwards
David's new car
I picked David Up to take him to the Narellan Showroom, where he was going to take delivery of his car. He had paid for it on Friday but delivery was delayed for the salesman to hand it over. The car was trapped in the showroom, all shiny....Clean.. Made mine look old and shitty.
She is a lovely car. The motor is diesel and the poor salesman was running through the speech about Foresters etc etc etc. forgetting that David has owned more than most salesmen. He got the hint when D's eyes rolled back in his head... lol he even said that he felt dilly telling D all this, but he had to.
David's new car
Trapped in the showroom
Anyway after an hour and some talking to me.... :-) We got away and I managed to get home.

I need to clean the leather in my car. **Sigh**

Work was surprisingly calming.. Meeks rd was bot too busy but I did get a failed train and had to arrange a rescue loco to come out but all in a days work. Nothing too startling.

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