Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long day

Me in am
Wanted to go to bondi today to do my annual shoot of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. I always go during the week inn an effort to get the least amount of people possible. No people is impossible, but hordes can be avoided.
Alas the weather said no. It was pouring with rain, syringe winds and very cold. No way was i going to take my camera into this torrent. It looked like clearing, so i hung around. In a vain attempt to do something, i went into town, but the rain did not let up.

I went to abbys to see if i could find the elusive book 'fragile forts' Tin was lucky enough to get a copy, but me, i missed out. We ordered on the same day but different stores. DAMN
Tried dymocks as well but all are out of stock. I should try goulds... I found a book that Tim would like on shipwrecks of Sydney so i passed this info on.

Good book I need to borrow.

I decided on the train as the roads were crap and i was tired. Tired and driving on the rain, no, train for sure. I had a peanut cup to keep me company

Upon arrival at Picton, i walked directly to the Post office. Of course when walking to the post office, it stopped raining and became hot and muggy. Sl i had to carry my jacket :-(

The mail had a 7lb 4.5kg box in it. Of course. So i struggled back. Cardio plus weights, oh yay. In a greenhouse.

Opening the box revealed some light reading... Wow i had no idea the book was THAT big!!!
4.5kg of light reading
After watching half a show on black caimans, i found i was too tired and collapsed in to the shower and was asleep very soon after.

I was woken up around 3 hrs later by a door slam. I peaked out and the house was open, so D much have arrived home. Yay

He cooked dinner for me and off i rushed back to work. Sigh
Watched a big storm approach from the south

Big arse storm

Saw in a magazine that sigma has released a new mush have. GACK!!!! WANT!!!!

Tomorrow looks like being a similar sort of day.. :-(

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