Saturday, November 20, 2010

Macherps pet show

My friday was rather exciting. Thursday night, David had gone to Tim's place to collect his beloved lizards. I'm sure he groans every time he hears the words pet show or Reptile show.. He knows his pets will be summoned to the task.
I arrived home and checked on the lizards. There were sleeping and David had put them on styrofoam so the cold of the freezer would not effect them/ All was well so I went to bed.

Bad sleep. Up twice, but when I eventually gave up on the idea of sleep, I took the lizards outside for dandelions. I knew they ate those but as I was a bad lizard keeper, and hence my lizards went to to a loving home, I didn't wanna do the wrong thing and make them sick. Only one black soil was interested, the other two lizards turned up their noses. SO i tossed in a few crickets and let them be.
The early birds.
David came with me to help set up. YAY!! It was terrific to have him there helping. I had lock issues and David solved them so all was well.  Just as well David had locked the cages, as very very soon we were inundated but a hoard of children.

Sir Charles

 A few scout groups had arrived. Small people everywhere and all wanted to touch Sir Charles. He took it all in his stride but after a dozen or two small hands touching and prodding him, he went black which was my cue to put him in his safe haven He sat at the back and glared for 30 minutes then became his happy self again.
SidNext victim was Sid. Sid took it all. A small child of 4 or so, grabbed Sid's head when I was talking to a 10 yr old and tugged. Poor sid nearly lost his head. He never bit or signed, just took the abuse they the small people dealt out.  Sid was checked and we talked to the small people about being gentle and how most snakes would bite if you hurt them. The little kid was very upset that he may have hurt the snakey. AWWW
Sid was fine. He found a new group of admirers with the older kids and one brave soul, shaking like a leaf took sid and beamed with terrified pride wen he realised he was managing to deal with his terror. YAY for Sid.

One of Tim's Black soil Dragons
the smaller black soil got passed around to much cooing of children. My corner of the hall was never empty. A short time later I explained little dragons have little patience and get tired very quickly and so we put her? back and got Eve out. Eve was out for around an hour or so. She was passed from child to child, all admiring her and her scars. One girls ended up being a helper and with her care and attention to Eve, Lillith got dragged into service. I allowed the children to touch her but now hold her until I could assess her mood. Lillith will bite if shitty.

She seemed ok so the older children were able to
work with her. they were getting the idea and how to allow the snake to move unrestricted. NO one was bitten.. then Tim turned up.

Tim got out Sir Charles again. The lizard had recovered from the masses and was up for more admiring. I was busy with my snakes so I will have to let Tim tell his part of the show in his blog.  (Email him t o remind him to write one...)

One little girl was adamant that she wanted a snake. He mother came to talk to me about licenses and I had to refer them to the table with the application forms. From the age of 10, a child can get a license (With parent's permission) and a nice quiet snake would be a good starter for her. I did tell her that she would have to so a lot of research and save up for a cage. The girl was happy and her mother (WHo had kept snakes in the past was happy) I'll think about it.
They did put in an order for next breeding season, but I did point out to the mother that older snakes are less snappy. (Usually)

Medusa came out to be admired. She was in an unusually good mood (for her) and people admired her colours. Tim took her over and I moved on to speak to others, when he got bitten. LOL Of course the snake whisperer got bitten.
Eve in her holding cage
Soon all the kids had left, sid came out to have a chat with the girl again, she and Tim talked about terrestrial snakes and the difference between them and arboreal snakes.

Packing up Tim got tagged by Ink much to the amusement of the room. Ink didn't let go until she saw her battery box. The battery box convinced her that TIm was too big to eat and she should hide.

Yingarana looked sad, but as her eyes had gone cloudy in the few hours between packing and un packing, she could only stare out at the children instead of being touched and shown off.
Hmm Bad timing
I had to make apologies in avoiding the packing up, but as I had to Drive Tim to Penrith, I had to go.

The snakes packed they came with me to Penrith and back. They were happy to small familiar cage and all snuggled into their hide boxes as soon as I opened the cages.

I have lost a lock. Rats. BUT other than that, the night was a success, one new Macherps member and one new herpetologist.

Awesome night. It was certainly my sort of activity although that many children was tiring. For both me and the reptiles.

BIG THANK YOU  TO TIM AND DAVID. Without out you guys my part of the show would have been so much harder. And Tim's Sir Charles was a star as always.

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