Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meltdown plus forester diesel review

Always a risk with me. But today, I got lost in a suburb i know well. This caused me to go into a meltdown. My first in public In public in a very long time. Poor David. Least he covered for me mostly. Although i can't explain it, it left me in a black hole for most of the day.
When i did get to work, i spoke to no one and interacted as little as possible. The idea of social interaction was more than i could stand.
Another flame out came later in the evening, and again I was in tears. Again I cannot tell you.
If anyone makes jokes about that timely month, i will send you hate mail for the rest of your life, as no, it's not that.
The idea of being in public and even at work was something untenable for me. Almost like a panic attack, but not that uncontrollable.
Not pleasant. And I do hope my brain gets it's shit back together soon.
I immersed myself in the bible ( no, not the religious book, but the one by Harold cogger) and by change of shift i was able to talk to people. Yay for study.

Anyway the reason I was in public was i was going to test drive David's new car. Until my meltdown, this was a pleasant if rushed experience that I was looking forwards too.

2010-10-23_1002-45a Sydney Motor Show

So here is my assessment (or under a bit of duress) of the MY10 diesel forester
- body and trim is identical to it's petrol sister.
- no low speed gear box. It has the same layout as the automatic petrol models
- so due to above, it has two cup holders. This may seem minor but it drives me nuts in my MY09
- an arm rest!! Missing in MY08-09 manual models.
- collar to select reverse. Grrr this is due to the.....
- fabulous 6 forward gears. But seriously? Are ppl so stupid to put it in reverse accidentally? Is this a 1980's Holden??

-The car is remarkably light. It has light steering and a light clutch. You get the impression of driving a smaller car.
- the acceleration is incredible. For a diesel it is awesome. The petrols could learn from this
- fuel consumption for a diesel in the town is high. High for me anyway. I have driven a lot of small diesels and i expected slightly better. Mind you on the highway it is a vastly different story. I did not get test highway driving, I did not have enough time.

In all other things, it is identical to the petrol model. We drove a premium diesel, so it compared to my premium forester in trim and accessories.

Aside from the lightness, of the steering and clutch, i would say the diesel forester is a better buy then the petrol model. This one was $10 000 cheaper than my car and i think you are getting value for money. Or course if you can source a grey interior...... They are out there, you have to ask. The brochure for the diesel does not mention the availiabilty of grey trim. Poor show subaru. You tell people that not enough grey interiors are purchased but its because it's not in the brochure.
So out of ten, 9 points about and one for general feel..

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