Monday, November 22, 2010

Mental health day

Not coping the past few days, as my closest friends and David will tell you so a needed to spend time recuperating.

A pleasant day with friends and David. David also bought me a new camera bag. it is most awesome.  I also bought a keyboard for my ipad which will come in handy.

Vision Automotriz El Peugeot 3008 arriba a MéxicoA came across a sleazy car sales man, Tim was looking at Peugeots, and test drove one. He didn't like it and this is ok but I was referred to a terrible salesman about my beloved little C30. This guy was terrible, didn't know his product and didn't wanna give me a test drive. SO tells me I need to commit to buying one and then I can drive one.. WTF?? Wrong order buddy.
Fuck Trivett motor group and their snooty attitude.

Tiguan FrontageVW at Penrith couldn't do enough for Tim. Great sales man, alas he came with us.

IN the country the salesmen give you the keys and let you drive it where ever just don't crash the fucker...and if you do, we will take $3000 so its all fine... City salesmen go with you which is a pain is the arse when you wanna do a review on the car as you go.

So instead as Tim goes through Sales companies, I shall review them.

My giant (500ml) bottle of front line arrived today YAY!! I am probably one of the few women who gets excited about a deadly chemical... but yes I am.  It is $140 or more at the vets I you can get them to order it, and I bought it for $85. hahahaha

David took me to a TEa shop that he had walked past a few times on the way to his work. He saw it was busy throughout the night, and thought it looked like it was worth a shot/

The El Sweetie Lebanese Tea Room, was AWESOME so many sweets, and the smell inside will drive you to distraction Leave your diet at the door.
El Sweetie Lebanese Tea Shop

El Sweetie Lebanese Tea ShopThe lady selected some sweets for David to try when I told her I wanted a sample plate as D had not sampled the sinful delights of Lebanese sweets..Yumm!

El Sweetie Lebanese Tea ShopThe coffee was smooth and with absolutely not bitter aftertaste. Perfect cup. I even forgot it was in a glass. Usually a negative.
The place is a little hot, but as it is open until midnight most nights and on a sunday evening, 1am, I think this is my new favourite cafe. I did giggle when I saw on the register, the advertising for a diabetes friendly menu.. With all this sugar??? Just what would this be? Something to ask next time.  D took me to see his bat Colony, alas they were back lit so my iphone struggled to get any photos but Troy had pointed out to D previously a dead bat caught int he barbed wire. Poor thing, it must have really panicked before it died. :-( I felt really sorry for it.  At the Duck creek walk, there is a security guard, whose job it is to warn people that the pathway may (Or may not) have snakes. WTF?? He is paid to tell people about snakes. Seriously. And the snake involved is a Red Belly Black Snake. If anyone tried to move it, they are asking for trouble. But to pay a guy to sit there and tell you about the snake?? Wow what a job. There is a sign on the fence....

Caution Snakes

The river is quite lovely if you ignore the weeds... :-( And there are Carp in the river too.
Auburn and Duck River surrounds

Watched Zombieland, which was a fun movie. No thought required, it was bubble gum for your brain.

DAMN IT forgot to give Tim the Scales N Tails again.. **Headsmack**

This video is for Koen. Just to make you feel safe on our shores....

and to Lighten the mood...

This skit still cracks me up.

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