Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nice warm (hot) day

Managed to sleep until just after 1300. For some reason this time is the magic time for night shift survival. If you can make it to 1300, you can get to 0600hrs at work.

Ink basking

Pottered around the house and put Medusa and Ink in the afternoon rays. Both snakes basked for a while before hiding, but i did notice medusa kept her tail in the sunny patch.

Medusa on a stick

David fetched the mail and brought home a pile of boxes. More dangerous chemicals.. lol But this stuff is expensive so when you see it on special, you buy it.F10 concentrate arrived
Amazing that 1ml to 500ml is all you need for cleaning.

Received a phone call to extend my shift to 10am. SIGH. Not enthusiastic, but as I was unable to work on monday, I need to make it up. :-( To do that I need the extra 4 hours.

Nothing much else. A new book to review and in it I noticed that the Black Soil Dragons have reverted to an older name, Downs Dragon. Poor Pogona Henrilawsoni. Again with a name change.
New edition.

Dozed on the sofa for a while in the heat of the afternoon, hot and sticky, but as the sun started it was down the sky, David cooked some lovely Lamb steaks. Yummy.

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