Saturday, November 6, 2010

So we had a celebratory dinner

pleasant pre work dinner
After Tim's graduation, he wandered down to my place. He just missed the direct train, and David by a minute or two, so he had to catch the MacArthur service and hence arrived almost an hour after David.
Either you grew a tail...
As always when Tim comes over, there is a list of chores I have for him that David cannot do. Today's chore was hold the bitey end of medusa whilst D and I took some dead skin off her tail. It was starting to bite and had become urgent of her tail would drop off. She was a good girl in the snake whisperer's hands and we got the skin off in no time. David is except in snake shed removal, but he won't got near medusa without me and Tim there. She is strong.

It worked out we had time for a celebratory dinner before I had to go to work. As Tim was not driving And i was going to work, both boys could enjoy a brew, alas not me, :-(
Yummy meal, looked over cooked but the steak was delicious..the conversation flowed and before we knew it, I had to leave for work.
I dropped David home and took Tim with me into town for his trip back home.

Tim popped into the box as Tom and Brian were on. We had also run into Marlene at Wolli creek. After a tea and a short chat he was off again to the west were he belongs. The southern bogans seemed to disturb him a little... Heehee very different from western
One day we will have to get around to doing that podcast of the bogan tribes of the sydney region.

baby born
At around 2am, we get a call from muscat, his wife, after 37hours labor, has given birth to a healthy baby girl. Poor woman, she had a cesarean in the end. 9lbs 6.

On a squirrel, why do we use pounds for babies. You don't (here in Australia) buy your food in pounds, we don't use miles or gallons, so why babies in imperial?? Odd. Anyway baby Emma born 2200hrs ( or so) 5th November. Mother recovering. Babies make me happy ( I can return them) that makes three babies for the box spouses this year, two girls and a boy.

Rant Note:-The usual irritating habit of congratulating the father is happening, he did not get cut open, he did not out up with pain for 37hrs or the weight of a baby on his bladder and spine for months .he does or face 6weeks or more of healing. Frankly father's start work when the baby is born, ( well assuming a good father,and i know one or two even though, my experience is that the or work finished 9mths ago) congratulate the mother on surviving a child birth. So many women do not.

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