Back at work, am shift. Had to drive all the way as i had gone to bed too late and the trains are a pain on the weekend. Assuming they run at all.

Illawarra and my 'favorite' shunter was about to go home (huzzah!!) exhausted, i was surprised that i didn't snooze.
Quiet day, and nothing really much happened Until a junior employee accused me of getting my position by sleeping my way up. Jealousy much.. He can't get a break as he bullies the relevant ppl. Idiot. Anyway i was infuriated and rightly so i think.

Worked on some photos...and finished the sweet alcohol in the fridge.

Monarch Butterfly
Fell asleep just 1900hrs for a 2am wake up. Alas i woke up at 2345. And no further sleep occurs.... Bugger.

On my way to work. Two more am shifts. Yawn....

Superb Fairywren

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