Monday, November 1, 2010


New TAFE subject

An interesting topic tonight, ruined by reading for digital slides... Tip to lecturers, whether they are slides on a computer or an overhead projector, it is as boring as all fuck when you read the slide word for word. Also having a mountain of text that is small makes people snooze...

Mountains of text

I love this topic, i even correctly identified a mulga snake squee!!

The lecturers are good guys, highly highly qualified, just not teachers. :-/ there was a kid in the class who works at a wildlife park who kept hijacking the topics and whilst i usually don't mind, we started a new topic at 2040. Um.. Starting crocodile care that late means it won't be covered properly. I had to ring work to get the guy waiting for me to agree to an extra 10minutes delay. Unhappy colleague.
I had to leave before the end of class. :-/ unhappy

Next week should be good. Live snakes and we get to handle them. I am so in that!!

The rain was pouring and everyone was driving slowly and weaving in lanes. It's a challenge to stay in one lane.

A good crew on tonight, but i feel alone in a room of people. :-/
D is away and friends are sleeping or working. ::sigh::

BTW today was a palindrome 011110

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  1. Teachers they most certainly are not! Wealth of information, yet they have very little skill in passing that info on. Death by friggin' PowerPoint and even Word this time!

    Handling the snakes will be fun, that's for sure :)


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