Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World

Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World'David put this seed in my head. I had thought my traveling days were over as my hatred for modern airline travel grows. And my paranoia about going to the USA, means many friends must make the trip to me, and for some this is tough.

SO David suggested as a throwaway line, I am sure that I can travel via Cargo ship. WELL. I have been looking into this and aside from the time factor, It can be a goer. Its 55days NZ to California return, but if I sail to the US and fly home then maybe I can get to visit my friends in the US. Surely its not too painful to fly out of the US?? (Friends LMK)

Luggage is a problem as sailing I am allowed 100kg plus bikes and flying that would mean I leave clothes behind across the US. Mind you, I have done this in China. Couldn't fit everything and so turfed clothes. lol I also did it in france once.

My recovery has been mostly successful, I still have moments but I can now get one top of it. :-) I need to watch my hours as this must be the main issue.

A dazzle order of my own designed T-shirt arrived and it for once was not the quality I expect from Zazzle. A shame. MIND you, the returns policy is excellent, and I may get a refund due to the closeness of Xmas. Bummed though.

Back at work, but a good crew. :-) YAY!! Some showed concern for me the rest don't know so it matters not. I certainly feel better.

The day was quiet, I got the Australian CSIRO conservation status list. Very interesting. Mind you, even though it is the most up to date, it still is dated at 2006. :-( Nothing later exists. The Woma is listed as Vunerable and rare depending on the state you look at, But Red Belly Black snakes are still not listed as being threatened. Time for an update I think. Interesting read. Of course I have too many books and too little time.

Have the weekend off, and wondering what I should do. Stay home and clean? Or go to River Island and read. Hmmmm both would help my frame of mind. Friends are working so the pub session is out. :-(

Anyway will open my books and get to reading. Have a great novel sent to me but my brain wants textbook. I think so I can dip in and out. I think I slot in fiction time on the weekend.

OH Tim got a strange message on one of his photos...

seriously what a dumb fuck. Rude to start with, a thief and gives away his secrets. tsk.
I have started working on my QLD trip from May again and found this great photo. I whiten I'll be making Valentine cards for Herpetologists
Iguana Love

What do you think?

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