Venomous Snake handling part 2

Kate our vet nurse handled the red belly, she got him into the bin quite easily.

She did well but like me wisely stayed away from the more advanced snakes.
This lady is experienced.. so she showed us how to drive an Eastern Brown snake

John showed us how to pin a snake..
 and the fact that pinning really does piss off the snake a lot. This black snake got angry. Very angry. He also demonstrated how to tube a snake, a much more civilised way to inspect your snake. I think this is a preferred method. To many things can go wrong with pinning.

A most valuable lesson, I have a heao of photos and video uploading to flickr.. so if its not your thing, I am sorry..

In other news, but still snake related (AGAIN) Today I had a phone call that allowed me to return to arvo shift as I had only swapped as a favour to someone. I was not originally thrilled with the prospect of  getting up at 2am. So on arvo again.

I took this extra time off to go to Narellan, as I did not have to be in bed at 5pm, I knew I would have time to feed all my snakes and therefore no one will be snappier than usual at the meet n greet next friday. The guy relieved me of $69 **Sigh** but I finally managed to get a quail or two.

Ink eats a quail chick for first time
The three in the flats, they all had juvenile rats, (small rats) Ink had two quail chicks I hid one so she had to hunt for it. Lillith, I was a little concerned for Lillith but the guy assured me that the quail would not be too big. HMMMMM

Lillith seemed to agree but it looks like she has bitten off more than she can chew (So to speak)
I had to get D to grab either Adam or Eve as I had to feed them separately, but after trying a little Eve refused to eat. :-( No go. Adam was happy after I returned him to his cage to eat her left overs but this left a de-frosted rat. I hate wasting a rat.
Eve finally in a bag, I gave Yingarna a quail. She didn't know what it was. She sniffed it and got covered in dripping blood which confused her more. Rats don't drip so much.  She finally Gave it a bite, and it fell off the perch leaving a confused snake with feathers in her mouth.

The expression on her face was quite comical. Just went back and she is now in the dark, but I saw her with the bird in her coils. So she is giving it a third go I have a video but all uploads today are taking hours. :-(


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