Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Well I reduced time for the last time

A dull night was a little more interesting when Config 13 was not handed back properly. A  TOA meant that my first trains were trapped at the sheds. Damn.

Ahmed relieved me reasonably early so I skid-addled. Uneventful drive home and I was filthy from the hot night and I knew a shower was vital to my continued existence, so at 7am, I was washing my hair and boy did it feel good. Nothing like a shower after being hot and sticky for satisfaction.

Crashed soo after and was awoken around 11am by talking. Quiet talking. OF course it was just D but I was now awake. Rats.

CopperheadWe did the usual things, laze around, watched TV and got the mail. All terribly exciting. I w=then wandered off for my last TAFE lesson at Richmond. A bit sad as the course, well this part has been fascinating. The instructors are extremely knowledgable and with this practical, part they were in their element.

Tonight was more handeling, and tubing. I did not get to tube as we ran out of time, but I (Hopefully) got some good shots of a Death adder. This male was orange. he was extremely cute.

I did handle a docile Tiger snake... Well.. docile is apparently a work with a loose definition, but I got him in the bin and in the bag without being bitten. Win.
VERY VERY glad I wore my boots again. NO way will I wear sneakers with these animals.

I am hoping Tim will blog the class as I am am battling exhaustion. I was supposed to be on shift tonight, but enough is enough.

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