wow a week has almost passed me by..

I find the weeks pass me by when on arvo. The passing of time is marked by the fading of my red streak which is in dire need of a boost.

Been a week of frayed tempters, not only me and D but others as well. :-( The weather is hot a humid and it rains every afternoon, but thankfully no repeat of monday's pounding. 

Yesterday I got hammered at work. 1625hrs, three things failed at the same time in three differing locations. ARRGGHHH and to top it off a passenger fell onto the tracks a minute later, so instead of one issue, I had 4. The SA at the station was panicking and if it was not tof the level head of my LICS and the manager on site, the poor lady would not have received help. Panicking people are NOT helpful and in this case could have caused a fatality. IF you can't keep a control of your emotions, please change to cleaning. I may seem cruel and my closest friends know how I react to an incident after the fact, but during, no problem. Switch to survival mode and get the job done. 

Bosses obsessed over the points issue, when really the signal issue was causing more delays. I was a little confused as to why but its not my job to think. (SO I am reminded regularly)

Got a parcel yesterday. In this parcel, from Maymyfitness I may add (Name and shame) there was supposed to be 2 items. 2. The invoice said two, the postage was ridiculously expensive, and I hence expected two items in my box. 

I opened it and saw one. One lonely item rattling around in the huge box.  Now the box was sealed.. so could not have fallen out in postage.. NOW Because they are in the states, I have to do angry emails back and forth. I received one reply and not heard form them since. 

VEry disappointed. I support this web site and I think I should get two items when I pay for two items. Its not like I bought 20 or 30 and one could be miscounted. 2 FFS.. count them one, two!

Gift from the NetherlandsNow outta pocket a heap of money. I want a refund including the stupid postage amount. $40 and I can get a 6kg book shipped to me for $40. OR Refund me the postage and send my damned item.
Book from Koenand from a different company - I was emailed yesterday about an order, and they were posting two items in seperate boxes. Express post. One arrived today and the other.... missing... so Of course they charge me for express post and  I have to wait 4 days. Picton is not in the exemption zone so I should have had two parcels today. 
What did turn up was a gift from Koen, I knew he was sending me a book, but it is lovely to get things that people have thought through that you may like.  so I will have to make time in a day off (If I ever get one) to sit down to read. Looks like I need a two or three day trip to River Island


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