Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ah a day off

Did start too well, I slept through an alarm, causing my lift to leave without me (I knew he was in a hurry) and I only woke up when Podge rang to see if I was alive.. I quickly got organised and Mark kindly ran me to East Hills. Geez... :-( BUT I made my train and that it what counts.

I did a half exposure at Campbelltown and the other half at Picton, not being used to film anymore, I am so used to seeing what the result is, that this is certainly an exercise in patience for me. I have done three shots. 33 to go.. As I only have two film, I am being picky... David knows my hobbies only last a year or so, but its fun to learn or in this case, re-learn skills. The masking idea will not work on this camera as it is as automatic as a film camera can get. No2 from the top in its day. ALso I cannot shoot all left (for example) and rewind the film then do all right as I wanted to do as the re-wind is also automatic. Grunt. BUT it is entertaining me for the moment. The manual is on-line, the battery was in david's spare room and he had two old old film.  I had the lens so  yay!

The flower and the spider shots are with the Photojojo iPhone Lens macro.
David and I went to the post office and to my surprise there was NO-ONE in the shop! Amazing.. My parcel that was released from customs did not arrive :-( If it doesn't come tomorrow it will be a week before we get mail again. I tore my hair out last year.
May flower with Dew
David bought me breakfast at Quintessential. Still an empty cafe when it should be full. Ryan's is full. It is always full. QCS is almost always empty. :-(

I got my tax return.. I emailed the Summary to my regular tax agent who knows all my previous details and he posted it all back. LOL All for $100, Bargain. 5 secs on the computer and It was done.  I am stoked. :-) New year pay a store card.. I think one is paying interest when it should be paid off. :-(

OR I could buy myself an L series 100-400...... hmm **Bad Girl!!**

Plumcot fruitI mowed the lawn. Except for the part where the trailer is (I can't lift the trailer) I did the whole back yard. It was HOT!!!!! I was all grassy but it makes me happy to have my lawn shaved to a manageable level. I earned my beer! And it went down without touching the sides. Aside from my alarm farce this am.. today was full of win.

FTR I did get rung up for overtime tonight.. and I said NO Go me!!! :-)

My Backyard

Jane had a visitor in her back yard.

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