Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back in sydney

Was woken up by a phone call at 5am. Yes i got a phone call at 5am. This was on my vodafone, so its usually on. It was my ex-mil who, knowing me well, thought i would be awake. As i rarely do anything other than nights, it was a 66% chance i would be awake. Alas she got the 33% that i was actually asleep.
It seems Fabian Is busy the only weekend I am free to take him and Tim's tribe to the zoo for a BBQ day out. Put out? Well yes, I rarely have the child and last time i saw him was June.

Anyway after an hour, I managed to get back to sleep. Got woken up by the alarm. Had 20 mins to get out of the hotel room.

We made it, and walked to maccas and the the train station. I was soaked in sweat by the time we sat down. Melbourne is hot!

Lovely day in MelbourneBy my request, David took us to the Melbourne zoo. I am used to world class, excellent zoos, and Melbourne city zoo, falls down. It's not as clean, the badgers canny be seen as the glass is filthy, the big cats, like the puma and snow leopard are shrouded by the walkway plantings. It's good though, it does have an awesome butterfly greenhouse, and the baby elephants are on display and easy to see. The reptile exhibit is clean and interesting, and i missed the lions as i was too sore to rush over and deal with crowds, so i found a spot under a tree and read. Certainly much cooler under the tree. :-)

I have not really looked at my photos yet, so whether it was a success or not, i will have no idea.

Time for the train, and it was late. Changed at north Melbourne for the Craigiburn line and it was very late. We missed a bus by a minute and had a 30min wait for the next service.

Poor Paul was supposed to meet me for a chat and coffee, but I realized that he could not get into the lounge for free, i did not have a guest pass free, was in quite a bit of pain, and exhausted. It was with regret that I had to take a rain check for Feb. I did feel bad.

Yummy virgin lounge foodThis poor excuse of a human, that a cat would not drag in, presented herself at the virgin lounge reception. The lady checked us in, gave us towels and shampoo and ushered us in. BLISS

The shower was so wonderful. You can't imagine how wonderful this shower was. Hair washed, me desalted, an I settled in with my merlot, my sandwich & soup an read my included magazines,

Sometime later, i was pleasantly tipsy. Relaxed and mellow, we departed for the gate, and in only the second time in history, i was not selected for a security check. A notable event.

The flight was smooth, and i drifted happily on my alcohol induced mood.

We popped into Evan's place and he made a terrific piña colada. We watched Flying high, then wandered off into the night.
Fictillius makes piña coladas.

The Campbelltown train was 13late when we arrived,and as he left central, lost another 4 minutes. This takes skill. :-/

On my way still... Will get home eventually.... I hope...
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