By request and photos or the new charge

EveA request was made that I do an update of Eve. Eve for new comers is my first ever owned snake. Others in the past meant nothing.. no, they were babysits and then I didn't have any for years after Fabian was born. So Eve is the first I owned in my own right. So she has the name Eve.

Anyway, when Adam Re-appeared, I had to put him in the same cage as her, even though, she was still convalescing from her horrible burns. They hissed at each other and finally they retreated to opposite ends of the cage.
EveShe wont eat with his there unless he has a morsel this does mean that I have to feel them small prey as I have to feed Adam more often then he should eat. She cannot eat proper sized prey at,. Still. After 6mths.. she cannot eat proper sized prey. Her belly had sealed up, and the scar tissue looks like a big zipper. I wil take her back to the vet sometime next week. Along with the new snake. Eve hides a lot of the time under her box. Adam has the run of the cage. SO I make sure she has outside cage time to stretch out and soak up rays. She needs the healing sun more than all my other snakes.  I make Adam sound like a nasty boy, but he is just the dominate of the two. Its just a matter of giving the weaker one time to herself and it works out. I have seen them cuddling so its not all bad.
She is not putting on weight, I may have to resort to sending her to the snake whisperer for the summer, he can get her to eat. I'll try with day old quail again today. I have seen her eat one before. She should be eating bigger things.
                                A new snake
My New charge is not really moved from his sulking corner. I have given him two boxes to hid in, and for his size, he needed a soft drink 24can box. He looks healthy enough, older but a few years than Yingarana, so that makes him 5 or 6? Maybe older. I'll need Tim to come down and help sex him and give him a once over. He is a big boy and two ppl are safer.  David tells me that he seems docile enough. Happily if I wish to find him a new home after 6mths.. I may have found one. :-) YAY! I may adore him by then and change my mind, but I have to remember I have babies coming in feb. SO keeping MEdusa and the rescue may be a little too much. But if Medusa was bigger, they would be a great pair. the colourings on both snakes are awesome.

SO there you have en update on my lovely Eve. She is thin but well. :-)


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