Christmas Eve / Christmas

Not a person who survives Christmas very well, I usually hide at work and do lots of overtime. Alas this year, it was not to be. No matter how I begged, I was only given a night shift. :-(  I loathe this time of year.

David and I did yard work and it looks much much better. I mowed the lawn again as I had to do it long yesterday.

We made it to the post office where my photojojo parcel was waiting. Stupid UPS took 16 days for it to get to OZ via airmail!!! It squeaked in on the 24th. Thank goodness
So I couldn't resist a Play in the cafe.
My parcel arrived from PhotojojoMy parcel arrived from PhotojojoMy parcel arrived from Photojojo The last pic was not set up, the dinosaur fell into my pie..

Both D and I were feeling down at the actions of people around me. I was reminded YET AGIN how little I was valued so we hunted down some friends to drink with. Druey was alone so we headed up to his place. We were later joined by two others and so we got pizza. Many drinks were had and eventually the two others drove home (They drank water)

Fan didn't workDrue and I wandered down to the houses with lights. I took the film camera and I kept forgetting to set it to Multiple exposure and hence wasted some precious frames. :-( RATS!!

Around 1:30am we all went to bed. It was probably the best xmas in many many years.

Rawwrs judge peopleRawwrs judge people

Northern Road
David drove us home and we put the snakes out in the sun before I relaised I had no fuel to go to work. :-(  SOOO We soldiered to Tahmoor for fuel.. They had this idea that ice was good to store in the sun...
Good way to store Ice

Hmmm Bogans are strange..

back home and Alice had been in the hot sun too long. :-( Poor Alice. I gave her a bath and a drink and she is resting. Jane seems to take a shine to David and she enjoyed her sun bath.  Ink was happy in the sun until her shade vanished when I brought her in.
Me N AliceInk!
David gave me excellent gifts as he always does. I am thankful to him and my closest friends for yet again being there in shitty days when I could (And often do) Plunge into darkness.

BTW BOO to the spoiled Gen Y Who put shit on parents and partners through the year and when they get expensive presents they are nice for one day. Remember who loves you and be thankful they are with you. They may not always be there and you will miss them.


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