Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jet lag

Been slack on blogging, mostly due to my need to sleep almost constantly. The back to back 12hr shifts took all my energy an i crashed each day at 1600hrs. Alas my wakeup time for a 12hr is 2330, so you can see sleep is a rare commodity.
It's a sad state of affairs when you can be excited by a sleep in to 2am. ::head desk::

BB is again coming into our office... Still aloof, but maybe in roads to peace are occurring...time will tell.

Fuck wit colleague was more insulting than usual, but this time his victim was his poor long suffering wife. How she tolerates it, i have no idea.

The lovely Lisa has re-appeared into our lives, odd to find her in my cluttered lounge room as i came home on Tuesday. Poor mousy girl always seems like prey in the spotlight with me. Dunno why. She was frightened of snakes, but she was encouraged with Alice and Sid..
I took medusa outside for handling, and she (Medusa) was unusually calm. Maybe she is beginning to mellow... She was rewarded with a small quail. Such a good girl.
Yingarna was taken out by David and she worked her charms on Lisa who, by the end of the afternoon was happily handling Yingarna. Lol another charmed. The snake charmer did her job. (odd use but Yingarna IS a snake and she is a charmer)Yingarna

I took Rockeye, the snake outside and he is heavy!! Not really a one pet don snake, his size and strength Means i should use two ppl with him. He is calm, a non biter, and i drove him around the front yard like a venomous snake. It's the brat way to handle big snakes. He was placid and sighed loudly when i picked him up. He grabbed into my hand with his tail and squeezed. I tried to get him into the cage, but i knew i needed D's help when my poor hand started to turn blue. Lol my own fault for getting too relaxed. I think if i am handling him alone, hook and bag. That reminds me, i need a bag. A big bag.

Went to the dentist (Wednesday) and i was shaking on the train from work. Stupid eh? Anyway it was hard to write by the time i forced myself into the surgery.
As expected my teeth are shit. All my old fillings need replacing at $175 each. HA.
He fixed the worse tooth, lectured me on getting my wisdom teeth out, but funnily enough, didn't insist on removing my broken one. Lol it's not as serious as my poor molars. I know my teeth are bad though. All my efforts to safe them are pretty much useless but what can u do?

Wish teeth were covered by Medicare.. At least basic dentistry. More ppl would go. I went, i didn't panic too much, i didnt faint. I am improving. Yay 2010 year of facing fears.
I flew in a small plane again and just managed, although i did cut it short, and i faced the dentist and survived. Go me!!

4 more day works ugh...

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