Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nude bowling

I had a colleague drive me to the airport so I would make the early morning flight to Melbourne. These flights are horribly busy and rarely fun to travel. As expected, it was filled to the 180 pax capacity of the little 737-800. I took a few cloud shots but spent most of the hour reading. As the plane started to descent for landing in Melbourne, I get a cup of coffee from the hostess.. Um?? I looked across The aisle to my husband who just smiled. He had paid for a coffee but again i would not have time to drink it. I have to back up here, previously, David had bought me a maccas coffee, it was beyond their usual terrible to just undrinkable. David had complained for me, got a new coffee when our flight got called. I lined up and my coffee, that was made far too hot, was confiscated... So back to the flight. I get a coffee as we descend to land. Yay. :-/ scalded myself.

Caught up with D and he explained that he had ordered the coffee 30 minutes previously...but due to the turbulence, they had waited until the last few minutes to serve it. Coffee3 wasted. :-/

Went looking for the 478 to Essendon, a local bus that u can use a zone ticket on. The airbus was $18 each and people are almost forced onto this. The local bus was hidden with a tiny sign. Took ages to find it. We found it and a bus 901 which goes via the back of Bourke & beyond, but suited us in this case. Caught that to Broadmeadows station. Luckily the train was 4 late, so we walked on to a city train.

In Melbourne city, we got a flyer for $10 breakfasts and headed there. The meal was excellent. Then, with David falling asleep, we went hunting for an L series lens i wanted to replace a 18-200 lens. The 18-200 was not as clear as my first one. This was a grey import and this time, I was not satisfied with its sharpness. David had pointed this out to me before, and as I have gotten better, i can see clearly what he was saying. Anyway, i traded this in for $300, $50 less than another shop, but means my L series was only $850. not Abadan reduction from $1700. I used this extra buying power to get D the handbag camera he had been lusting after. $510. Cleaned me out, but i think my husband is worth it. Yes?

We caught the tram to Port Melbourne, where the spirit of Tasmania was in port. I tested the new lens and D played with his Xmas present.
By this time, fatigue was catching up and my right heel was throbbing . A tram back to Southern Cross station and a train to Nunawading. Waited for the 901 again, but this time, the 1345 bus was cancelled. My feet hurt and David kept nodding off, so we did not walk to the hotel.

Nunawading motel, is clean, the beds comfortable and after a quick wash, we both crashed.

Coffee & v why have I never seen this before?A 4hour sleep later, and we caught a local bus to the shops. The bowling was bring a plate, and I discovered that the hotel did not had conditioner and my poor hair had turned to unmanageable string.

Supplies procured, we walked back. Grabbed our towels and cameras and awaited our lift to the nude bowling event.

The lovely old gentleman who picked us up, was instantly easy to talk to. Exciting ride though. But it all worked out. :-)
The health club was closed for our event, bowling upstairs, swimming downstairs. I was delighted to be bowling again and extremely grateful for my personal shoes. Partway through a shot, i heard my finger crack, followed by lots of pain. Fucking great. David & I took a break and went swimming. To some fun action shots in the pool and eventually we returned to the bowling. I had to use a much lighter ball and only use two fingers, but play went on.
The official photographer went home as did a lot of people. So D and I cracked out our cameras. We even got behind the scenes, all whilst being naked. :-)
A fun night, i am exhausted, my feet hurt, my finger hurts and u have lost a lot of gripping power in my right hand.. But it was well worth the pain.

Bring on sleep and tomorrow.

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    Author : RobGeerling (IP: ,
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    Hi Yvonne and David.

    It was wonderful having you attend our Nude Bowling event in Mont Albert North, having come all the way from Picton, NSW.

    As you said in your blog, we immediately hit it off and chatted amicably on the way to the bowling centre.

    After a slight diversion at the Elgar Road lights, where I thought the road was a factory entrance, we made it to the centre just in time to set up the screens.

    The centre had requested these screens in order to prevent passers-by from looking in and possibly be embarrassed by any nude bodies they might see.

    As you both know, the night was one of good cheer and many attendees made friends with nudists they had never met before.

    Aussie Naturists and Solar West are indebted to both of you for jumping in with your expensive cameras after our own photographer had already left, thinking there were no more subjects for any photos.

    However, there WERE and both of you did an excellent job at getting just the right action shots.

    When we submit them to the nudist magazine, together with the model realease forms all the subjects had been asked to sign, we can look forward to an interesting article with good illustrations.

    The late starting and finishing times (09:00 PM to 12:00 MN) probably caused our numbers to be down a bit on last time and next time we will have learnt our lesson in that regard.

    We will advise everybody of the date for our next event and hope to see as many as can make it attending our fun night.

    Maybe we can welcome other nudists from interstate to come along as well, as David and Yvonne did. We would try and accommodate any such interstaters as much as we can with offers of a ride to the centre, as well as offering them a choice of local motels, as we did for D and Y.

    This is now a regular event on our nudist events calendar, as long as we can keep our heads above water financially, so please come along to our next event?

    Looking forward to meeting all of you and once again our thanks to David and Yvonne for helping out so magnanimously.

    Rob Geerling,
    Victorian Events Co-ordinator,
    Aussie Naturists & Solar West NLG.


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