Tuesday, December 28, 2010

photo round up of the past few days

 Thank you to the two girls who made me smile this weekend. Least someone liked what I sourced for them. These two photos made my weekend.

This time of year is for the children. Adults and Teens, get over yourselves. You don't need 100 presents. One or two maybe if you like but try donating your time or giving to charity. You will be better off. ANYWAY. I love buying for girls as  I don't have any. Boys are easy.. I do like the challenge of finding something the parents will approve of for one and two a bit quirky. I had a Golliwog in the 1970s then they were banned now they are back and as it seems as popular as ever. (Mega phew as well)
Little Cate and Her golliwog (photo by Tim)
Jenny got one too (Photo by Tim)


Spent Xmas Day its self with my snakes. This is Alice

26th Saw me on the move again..#grunt

SO I played with andigraf

Dropped in on Fabian as he was very upset at his holiday plans falling through

Tree Cat

Inara and one of her cats

I enjoyed doing a hipstamatic study of my ex-mother-in-law

And of Fabian of course

Planting Rosabud the two coloured eye cat
AT In-laws

Karen & Stu

Played with a few apps to get the 1970s look I was after. It fits the house you see....

I was showing Stu Andigraf app

Finally a 1970's look I was happy with. Using camera+

D and his sister Karen

Re-creating the photo below

Which of course is side-ways..

Como station haven

Alas it was raining heavily

Andigraf is mega cool

Driving home on the 27th

Fed up much???

December 27

 OK going home I remember that Overseas PPL don't have these signs... SO I stop for them (Morning 27th)

Shane and Jess are staying over. Jess is lovely. I hope Shane treats her like a goddess.

 David drags me to the shops on the way to my mother's

 SO I get a pink Dinosaur for a reward. I was good. 
Got this to add to my seasons 1& 2

I saw this in action at Harvey Norman, and bought one BUT from ebay for $240 HAHAHA Screw HN and their stupid lack of service and one hour queues for tellers

 Tired by now, very Little sleep.

Treeya the three legged cat

Macarthur Plaza has a skeleton effect on their trees

Macarthur station is mostly finished. AT least platforms 1-3 are finished.  I saw the up south XPT zoom through

On my way home, a Balloon was flying

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  1. Thanks for the photo exibition - I enjoyed !


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