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SOOOO After a very busy Friday, I was dragged rudely outta bed.. Didn't go to bed in a good mood and so was feeling wretched when I woke up.

ME!Back to Friday night,

Thanks to a colleague, I was able to get to the vets nice and early. The snakes were easy to catch which did surprise me as Rockeye had been a challenge in the past. But in the snake went easily into a pillow case. Snakes like small spaces.  Eve went into her box and we sailed off into the afternoon sunshine.
View from the Vet Car ParkAt the vet's, I met a lady who keeps one of the oddest chooks. She is on hormone injections and she was delighted to see my snakes. Although her face fell when I pointed out that as she smelt like chicken, the snakes would bite her. We talked about her chickens, and she was there for the second time that month, the previous trip was because her birds had caught chicken pox. YES Chickens can get chicken Pox. Go figure.

The vet saw Eve first. She was delighted with her condition, the snake had good hydration and good muscle tome and she scarring was healing and flexible. The snake used her tail and righted herself correctly. So she passed BUT was too thin. Eve sill only weighs 250g and she did when she had the burn. SO She is going to have to eat rats for the fat content. Hmm.  Eve was laid across the wall (It was white) for photos as she is being used as a thesis on burns in snakes.  And Eve had had enough by then and pissed everywhere. The nurses coped a spray as they were not expecting this.

Rockeye was next. Many Questions about Lynn and the source of the snake, checking for illegal collecting but as I pointed out, even if Rockeye was a cross, the snake was a Jungle Python and therefor not a local snake. I paid for the snake to be sexed as a snake this large cannot be sexed by one person and it has been a while since the snake whisperer has visited. So there went $15. Still a quick and easy thing to do esp for the vet and her two nurses.

SO the big jungle is female. Figures.

Rushed home via the long way (Less cars and schools zones) and managed to get in the way of an Eastern rosella who slammed into my car :-( very dead birdy.  **Sad** Stupid native animals we have.

Changed my shirt to the Blue club one grabbed some photos and my t-shirts and left.  Yawn now been up for too long....

The meeting was good. A comment was said that did upset me and I left a full but good day in a foul mood.

Steve Bullock

Ryan from Derks was there and he is a friend of Steve Bullock. Steve is a professional wildlife and now wedding photographer. His work is well known around the world. I do love his reptile shots. He talked about the top end and then gave a basic basic course on photography.  SIGH

By this time it was too late for me to cope any longer. I missed the BBQ and went home.

I did sell my kissing frogs and my T-shirt. :-) I have an order for a hoodie, but as the price is too high for a kid's hoodie, I told hom to wait until the specials for hoodies come around next.

View from WorkView from Work

Today was a whirr of exhaustion. I had a busy panel and no choice but to stay up.  D had a bad morning, but it at least came to an end by the afternoon. PHEW. He is upset. I don't blame him but we could not do anything more with the car. To hang on would mean more and more cost and then rego etc etc.. Time to cut the chord.

Hume HighwayPicton RoadHume Highway

Was hoping to upload some zoo and Frogmouth photos but this is a fail and I just cannot function. Off to bed at 1630.. zzzz



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