Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quiet arvos

My work days have been quiet. Unusually so. Hurstville did cause minor issues yesterday but it was resolved quickly.

Today was even more quiet that that. Only phone calls were from shunters and two from MATTY. On my way home, two large men, were graffiting the walls at Wolli creek. Trouble is, I was alone at the end of the platform. They were aggressive, so i stayed in my corner. Don't judge me here. Having broken teeth or nose is not the way to spend my night off. They got on the E.hills train of course walking to the back car and even before the train pulled out, they were defacing that car too. The mentality. The millennium they got on had an attentive guard, the train had police for these guys at Bexely North. Yay! I am not one to pick a fight with big guys when alone. I am not that stupid anymore. Used to be and paid for it.older & wiser now.

During the day, Ben from bass hill (near enough) rang to tell me his mother, (rescue lady for wires) Had rescued a 6th carpet python. It was caught after it ate a pigeon. Ewwwww off to the vet on pay day for worming. Would i house it? Thinking that i could find a home for it, i said yes. Well not many ppl can house snakes. The question was.... Could you take a ... Um... 6ft.....
At this point i was thinking, lace monitor.... Please be a huge lizard...

Then.. Carpet python...oh!! Um ok... Sure. What is one more mouth to feed...just as well my bulk order is coming soon.

I arranged a drop off to my house, and then rang D.... We are getting a guest... 6th of one...

D set up my huge spare cage. Huge THANK YOU to him. I swear if D gave up helping me, my snakes would all suffer. He understands I forget to feed my own child, so he does things like fix lights, turn them or off when required.. As my sister in law would say "best sweetie ever" ewww sugary sentiment, but you get the picture.

Still short some Xmas pressies, its hard when you are as hopeless as me with dates. As xmas has no meaning in my life, i do feel odd buying presents, but i suppose it helps the economy.. Sorta..

Now who have I missed??? Sigh...

Heading home to have look at this new snake. I think slinky.... As a name..

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