Saturday, December 11, 2010


Syd arvo pic

My shift was extremely busy. There was supposed to be an E.hills assist rostered, but of course there was not. A memo had also appeared stating a lot of things but not really making much sense. Much talk went on. Sigh. Boring. Another cycle has begun and i will ride it out as I have all the rest.
Track possessions meant I had a mountain of paperwork. No rest at all. Great with a chess comp to survive.. I got an hour's nap after work and then drive to get Fabian.
Inara gave me coffee and some sugar to get me to Burwood... And off to the Sydney Chess Academy

So we went to the chess comp.. I was told, 0900-1300hrs and hence cancelled all my plans with Tim and his family and the zoo. We arrived at 0815, early, was locked. So we went for coffee.... 0845.. Place locked... At 0855 a guy turned up, a teacher from Fabian's school... He did not have a key.. We 0905, another guy turned up, unlocked the door and then vanished.

We trudged upstairs, three sets of disgruntled parents. Hello to Antony, happy to meet you. Your kid is very good.

At 0915, the fluffing about continues..
The kids entertained themselves with the big chess set
Fabian at Sydney academy of chess

Fabian in chess comp

0930, the kids are herded to their seats and then the comp judge spends the next 10minutes explaining the rules.. Snooore

At 0946, the first round begins. 45 minutes AFTER it was supposed to start. OH and the judge said, we will be finished by 11am WTF!!!! i cancelled a trip to the zoo!!! FFS This is the worse organized comp I have ever seen.

Still, Fabian is enjoying himself. My mother is knitting, silence in the room. I may just lie on the carpet to nap...

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