Saturday, December 11, 2010

SO all my effort was thrown back in my face.

Kids fill in time with the big Chess

Kids fill in time with the big ChessWhose child is this?? He got to the final round and was competing for third place. :-) No shame in that. The other two kids were awesome chess players.  Suddenly Fabian threw the game. I still do not know why. His opponent was gracious, and even said they Fabian can take a minute to collect himself and they could keep playing but no. He quit. The trouble is, this make the points not work out that meant a play off for 1st and 2nd. I was gobsmacked. I gave up a lot of activities including fireworks that he would have enjoyed. Now he sits bored in my lounge room... watching season after season of monk... That reminds me I need to hire season 3... :-(

Round 1

Mother took him to see Harry Potter. I was beyond exhausted and headed home. She dropped him off here around 1900.  I have had 3 hrs sleep in 48.. That's enough right?

Ben came around (The one from Bass Hill) with his girlfriend and three kids.. And three turtles.. Um noooo not for me.. Snakes are one thing but turtles.. no. They had bought (Together) a place in Junee near the roundhouse. Cool. people to visit when in Junee next and the boys can play at the round house.
The car was stuffed with turtles, food, clothes and kids.. LOL Ben's girlfriend, (Whose name I do not know) Is lovely. I do get along with her. I will never understand the relationship but hey.. who am I to judge. Ben was not aware that it was a Jungle that he dropped off. But he shrugged it off. Not like I can hand him back anyway.

That's part 1 of my ruined weekend.. Now hopefully David gets home in time to not have day 2 ruined.
Tim was telling me (Rubbing it in much?) that the zoo was awesome (And he says the rockets of the fireworks are "fucking cool") although some animals were not in their cages. YOu would think on the weekend, in Summer so close to the holidays, that all animals would be in the cage if only for two days. Sat and sun during December and January are the busiest times.. Why have empty cages?

Hmm I need a bath if only to soothe my nerves...

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