Solstice party

The annual Ben and Drue's Solstice party was last night. :-)

But first, To my dear friends unlucky enough not to live here... Happy Winter solstice and accept some summer flowers from paradise. We think of you often and are grateful we live here. xoxoxo

Flowers for my friends in the northern hemisphere. Happy solstice!!


Before I turned up, I played good witch of the south and too a boot load of stuff to Tim's house. I collect gifts through the year and as I do not see his kids all that often, I have quite a stash. LOL Janet was lovely and I played with Annie who was calm and sat happily in my palm until Cate hit her on the head. OOPS. Then she was antsy.. Little Cate showed me Sir Charles, who we left in peace. He was showing how regal he could be. :-)

I met some awesome new people and re-aquatinted with some old ones. These people are mostly all Ben's friends.
A little surprised to see children as in under 16s.. And even more shocked that the youngest took it upon herself to assault adults who swore. Like it or not, children do not hit adults. Its just as disrespectful as swearing itself and one day, it will get her beaten to a pulp (Considering where she lives). Her mother did realise this and restrained the child before blood was spilt. My son is 10 and would not dare treat adults in such a way. Deal honey. The lady herself is lovely. Without an obsessive offspring, around I would like her very much.  THat child has issues.


The party was fun, but food was left too late or too early and much fluffing about meant I missed the eclipse. Shoulda just gone up the road and returned before anyone noticed. Ben made the MOST AWESOME pasta salad. It was just divine.

Three car loads of people trudged through some random bush track with no sight of the sky at all, and when I nearly twisted my ankle int he dark, I declared a fail and started a 15 min walk back to the car. Troy (Squeak) had a torch for which us women were grateful. There was a ridiculous about of people on the track, men with large dogs hiding on side tracks..a cyclist of all things..

Solstice at Drueys
We all arrived back at the cars when we realised Evan was missing. He had wandered off in the dark and not told anyone. By this time Drue had gone home. SO two car loads of people waited and tried ringing Evan. He ignored our calls.  After 25mins, we were quite worried. and we had started looking for more torches to return to the track to look for him when he answered finally. Very unhappy.  Finally we returned to Drue's place where the spa was in use. Even though the young children were still there, it was SPA time, after 2130 and so adults time to play. Shortly after all under 18s left.

The boys frolicked in the spa and us girls stayed chatting  until the office drones realised the time and departed.
Spa Time At Drueys

A movie was put on, but as it was not my sort of movie, I retired to read my magazine. VEry interesting and my heel was sore from walking in the incorrect shoes on a dirt track...
D fell asleep on the couch, and Drue received a new visitor who was interested in his train set. So we crashed and left the youngens to it.

AT 6am, I woke up without an alarm. As did D. A very sad state of affairs this is. We snuck out, I still could not find my hair dye that I had left at Ben's last time so we drove to the station so D could go to work.

I returned hom and slept for2 more hours. I am still very jetlagged. It may take ages to return to normal.

David is car with women..
David drives the Girls
Total Lunar Eclipse December 21, 2010
Northern Eclipse from


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