Top 10 gadgets of 2001

A twitter friend blogged his top 10 gadgets of 2010 here I thought.. what ARE my top 10 gadgets.. I bet you will all guess them...

1. iPhone 4.  - I adore this phone. It is so versatile. with my 24/7
2. iPad - See above.. I am attached to this like my phone but only 12hrs/7
3. My camera Canon 7D - OK this is a 2009, gadget, but as it turned 1 yesterday it has been my faithful compainion and it has earnt me a few dollars. I can't leave it out of the top 5
4. My 24-105 lens. A new love.
5. My iPhone lens the fisheye and the wide make the IP4's camera so much better. alas blocks the flash

ok.. harder now...

6. My win7 computer. My husband surprised me with it. I use the 8GB RAM to the max.. need MORE!!
7. my geotagger. I need this item. It is smashed and still works. Much love
8. A Pano head for a tripod. Want 
9. Lomography Spinner 360° - A want.. just cause it is cool - ordered but not received yet **Sad**
10.A sprocket rocket  another cool camera.. A want but not need...

Honorable mentions.. 

the TIM135 Holga camera - want

Olympus Stylus mju Tough 8010 - want.. 
LOMO LUBITEL 166 B Voïgtlander copy 6x6 TLR LOMOGRAPHY - want I would love to play with medium format but at $10k plus for the digital version I think the retor film is the way to go.

I think I shall see what 2011 brings me.. I know a lovely road trip with Koen is happening.. so O will need the final item.. my canon 10-22mm wide lens. Again technically a 2009 item.. but much love

What do you guys have for gadgets??


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