Until it kills me...: Post Ninety: Hey Dad.

Until it kills me...: Post Ninety: Hey Dad.: "My dad found a dead guy, again. It was less than twelve months ago that my dad was running through some bushland near his home when he fo..."

To my friends who are having a "rough" Time please read about sarah's father. The poor guy has done nothing wrong. Just went for a jog/ Life is what you make it and the people around you are important. The quietest may be that shoulder or wisdom you are looking for. Don't run rough shod over the people around you in an attempt to make it to your goal in the shortest period of time. Time is on your side and processess need to be followed. Bridges have to be build and angry emotions soothed.
Life if what you make it. If you think your life suxs.. remember there is always someone out there worse off. MUCH worse off.

To Sarah, may your Dad heal. He will carry the scares for years but with the love and support of his family, he will find a place in his mind where he will reach an equilibrium. Stay with him and Hug him often. Dark days for him ahead but he will pull through



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