Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Waxing Day

I love waxing day. Never mind about he areas waxed... the ladies are lovely and make you feel beautiful even of the mirror disagrees. I arrived early getting my time mixed up. (oops)but the lady said that was fine. She was setting up. Then the mother and Daughter who work there arrived.. they saw me and their eyes lit up! Oh darling you husband was here yesterday.. (My eyebrows shot up) OH? Oh yes and he witnessed the most terrible thing.. and they went on to tell me how a woman (BOgan) had burst in and abused the staff.. and it was dreadful and my husband stood up for the ladies and how thrilled they were that he was there.. My husband can be charming when he wants to be and he has these women eating out of his hand. Shan looked up and say as an after thought.. oh and he paid for your wax already....
WHAT! How awesome is David. He rode in on a white horse to rescue some ladies in distress and then paid my bill.... AWWW

At the end of the day, there is no need for rudeness. These ladies wax your arse..they tweeze your skanky eyebrows and still smile. Why treat them horribly? They are the sort of ladies that a cross word would make them cry so I can imagine how they were distressed at such behaviour. I gave the lady in charge a big hug. She beamed at me.

I made an appointment with the dentist.. Got the usual lecture about not coming in every year.. But hey! I am lucky if I make it every 5 years.

Anyway had time to finish River Island photos. I can't go to Narellan without waking D up as my atm card is in the bedroom.. :-(

So here are the photos from last weekend..

Wedge Tailed EaglesDiamond PythonSand Monitor

King ParrotButterfliesLarge White or Cabbage ButterflySuperb Fairy WrenSwallow Take off!Welcome Swallow


  1. Coming up on almost 10 years since my last dental appointment.

    It's not really an achievement.


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