Monday, December 6, 2010

With great highs come troughs

I had typed a blog out and accidentally hit discard. Aaarrgghhhh

The weekend past was fun, exhausting but fun. Who would have though that nude bowling would be worth doing. Hubby spent a fortune for me to go and in return he got his Xmas present early.
My line of contentment was destroyed by a phone call that has totally axes all my plans for the next weekend. My trip and BBQ to the zoo with my friend and His family Has had to be cancelled as they are not available on sunday. If i go alone with Fabian, he still will miss out on spending time with my friend's eldest a child he enjoys spending time with. The school holidays were mentioned but i do not get access to him then, he goes away with his grandfather. Next time i will see my child is most likely June. So there goes Xmas. Again.
Am I pissed? Yes. Upset? Yes, but i cannot change anything. So the trough. Sorta like a wall hitting you.
Mind you, Fabian is chuffed at being chosen to represent his school at the academy of chess (i had mo idea there was such a thing) so i will go from night shift to hopefully not snore...who knows. I may enjoy it, but it doesn't replace a ferry ride and animals with friends. Also probably stupid rules about photographing your own son.

Solstice remains up in the air.

So there you are. See you on the other side of this mood.

On a squirrel, an order of $1000 has been placed with the rodent ppl. If my reptile peeps want to share in it, lmk and i will tell you how much a pack of rodents cost.

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