Sunday, December 12, 2010

YAY!!! Made it to the Zoo

Not with Tim and Family as they went yesterday. :-( BUT. We made it. the day was lovely and not too hot.. well, not oppressively hot..I got to see what I went for but did miss the reptile show on at 1130. Due to the trains being held at Redfern and the flyovers, we missed the only ferry that would have gotten us there in time. **Sad**

Fabian had a great time but he gave up on his photography too early. The few shots he did do were excellent. :-( What is it with that boy? He was struggling with low light, but we all do... And gave up. I will upload the few he did do. I do wish he would practice. He had an eye and can do it is he tries.

The zoo closes at 1700hrs, but all food shuts up at 1530hrs.. Its costs $30 for 2 burgers, one adult size one child sized, two chips (Included) and three drinks. FFS. I can fee an army are Maccas for that. Still, we did eat before going but 10 year old boys are eating machines.

Successful day have to start work at 0130hrs so off to bed and a more detailed blog tomorrow arvo.

 good night xoxo

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