Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adventures with Cmena and We meet Lubitel

I got a lift home from work to Campbelltown with Dave Bradney Lovely man, never speeds... Lol and he doesn't mind (I hope) dropping me off at CBT even though he lives at Leumeah. I can't thank him enough most days.
Campbelltown Station 6amishCampbeltown Station in AMCampbeltown Station in AM

I played with Cmena whilst I awaited the train. I am trying to use up her roll but she just keeps finding more film. I was going to drop off her roll whilst I pick up the other rolls but alas this will have to wait until Saturday now. AWW :-(

Yak was a mega big fail last night. I could type text but no photos. Very upsetting. Tim for Chatplus which will be a good backup. Its a little fiddly to set up but is free

My entry to the world of medium format will start this weekend as my Lubitel 166B arrived I ordered him BEFORE Cmena and so it took a LONG time to come from the Ukraine. I know when I posted something in St Petersburg, it arrived 6mths AFTER I had arrived back from Russia. I Hope I can manage his film, I need to load it in subdued light and make sure I seal any used film tightly to avoid light leaks.
Excited all over again

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