Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the self-pity continues Skip this post... Or scroll to the bottom.. the rest is just self serving bleating

Firstly to the family of the little girl who was killed. Is tragic but I have to ask why was she on the tracks. A young life ended, a train driver's life is also ended. A lovely little child with so much potential gone. So unnecessary. The drive will never be back to work. He has to live with this for the rest of his life. All the commuters on the train will also be scarred. Even my department, my colleague in Wollongong will be traumatised by this event. It breaks me heart.

So easily avoidable.

Her Favorite Flower

Back to self self serving

Well I bailed. I could not venture into town and take photos. Yes I am that weak. I cannot overcome my hatred of crowds alone. Too much of a hermit.
I berated myself as I ran with my tail between my legs to my hovel in the hills. I could have done an early ferry ride as Tim suggested and then gone home. I could have recorded my beautiful city and she dresses up for her big day. then run. But no.

SO I beat myself up for being so stupid. There was no one at home to run to so no reason except fear that stopped me. When did I become such a psychotic mess? I wasn't always this way.
Three people tried to cheer me up but when you disappoint yourself, there is no one to blame but yourself. No one can help but you.

A long sleep did not make any difference. Still beating myself up. Still no one to talk to.

So I am trawling blogs and staying in my dark airconditioned room.

this ship tracking site is one I used to use regularly but been away for a while. ANYWAY they have linked to google earth



Hipstamatic submitted by: Vlens

Love this shot!

Experiments with Pinhole photography

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