Saturday, January 29, 2011


I had to drag my sorry arse outta bed early (for me) for the dental appointment. My close friends know that i gave been complaining of pain in nmh jaw and teeth since december. Mother pulled strings to get me back to the dentist and he was very wick ti send me for a whole jaw x-ray. So off I Trot.. Got the x-ray and came back to the dentist.
Yes, i need to go to the specialist so he can arrange to get my wisdom teeth out eeeep my worse nightmare... Maybe the pain is mot that bad...


David took me to office works and I drowned my sorrows in stationery. Ahhh..
We had gone last the RTA to do my rego, but the green slip had not been paid. Oh no... I was adamant that I had not seen the renewal but later on David found it ::head smack:: soooooo I had to borrow money to pay for it and not I have to get a refund from the lease company to pay the loan back.

Sunrise Banks Reserve

This day is not really going my way.

Zoomed home to upload the film that David had picked up for me, but the CD was blank. ( of course) I quickly scanned the negatives and then off to the herp committee meeting.. Long discussions and some good ideas for the show that I will miss and I hope it goes well.

i will be away and am missing three herp shows. Why did they move them from may??? Feb is far too early in the year. I had to leave before the end.. :-( Rhonda was in a lather when I left but I think it will work out in the end.

Work is busy but not too much. Lots of power outages....
Flats in the distance

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