Friday, January 21, 2011

General randomness

A quiet day, i woke up too early but D and I were in no hurry to get up. Eventually, necessity drove me from my bed and I started my day. Finished the outstanding photos, went to the post office before settling down to place Little Big Planet 2. I was disturbed when i had to wash clothes but that had been in desperate need anyway.


David had an install to do at mother's place and so i grabbed the super sampler and we headed out.
We were running late and by the time mother had fed us, David had missed his train. He gave me a lift to Villawood, where a survey of the platform told me to hide my expensive toys. It proved the correct decision with a tag team hovering near the ticket office.

I survived the old south line and arrived at work safely.
On sutho and so happy to be on my fav time of day. :-)
Not my favorite crew but a lovely calm evening all the same. Now to get home somehow... Eep

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