Sunday, January 23, 2011

guests! at the hermit hovel

Today was my pyjama day. I finished work at 0600 and hightailed it home to crash next to D. Got up around mid morning and I set out to clean at least one snake cage. I got Jane out and she was unusually active and whilst David was handling her, she reached out to tag my elbow. Damn. SO he hands her to me and I drove her around the yard a while whilst bleeding... Great. She calmed down as she burrowed into the grass and after a bit I managed to get her into the outside cage.

I then got to cleaned up and dealt with her evil smelling cage. My goodness that snake can shit.

I was sweaty by the time I had finished.

Ben and Druey turned up, I had just sat down with Little Big Planet 2 :-) Ben helped me with Jane, and he discovered why you need two people with a large python. I was driving her again in the grass as she was antsy with the new guy, but then she took a liking to his arm and I watched his hand turn blue.. It was a nice shade of deep purple when I finally took pity on him and helped him get her off. That girl is strong.

Jane took a liking to Ben


With Ben reviving his arm, I got out Medusa to do her cage then then Ben baby sat the two womas whilst I tackled their cages. YAY 4 cages out of 8 done. Cool.
Alice did not like bring handled by the tale and made her disgust known all over the sofa. Damned snakes. Never work with children or animals.

A food run to get grog and oh, food...and back to put a roast in the oven. I managed to not burn myself or set fire to anything. The meat was even cooked ok and no one complained. :-) (Or they didn't have the heart to complain)

I introduced Druey and Ben to Tripping the Rift, and then they put on 2012. This movie is LONG!!! Geez. It was after 2200 when they left.

We had a lot of empty bottles in the lounge giggle..

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