Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happyish day

Today started OK, I was awake early, poor David got up with me at 9ish even though he had only gone to bed at 350am
We went to Macarthur to Meet with Shane, a friend I met ages ago in the net, but as it was school holidays, he had time to drive down. We had coffee as his 4 kids played, well three played and one went to borders. :-)

visit to macartur

David was very tired but went to do some shopping as we watched the younger three play.
visit to macartur

as you can see the camera (Handbag camera ) was hijacked. :-) the Yellow Holga was also a hit.
David took me to a place where they developed negatives for $5 in less than 30 minutes and that was exciting except, none of our scanners will scan panoramic shots. Major bummer. :-( I will have to go to that place in Waterloo one day this week. OR post the negs to them Sigh. You wouldn't think it was hard but apparently it is
This placed a big dampener on my otherwise good day and now, as I have a 6am start tomorrow, that means a 2am wake up... I need to try to force myself to sleep.

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