Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot and sleepy day.

My shift this morning ended with an incident. AARGHH Means I was late getting out. Rats. Still I made it home before 7am and so I cannot complain.
Too some HDR shots, trying a new technique alas I did not have time to upload them to flickr. I will do so on Tuesday when I get home.

As you may have seen in my Film blog I was scanning film last night and this afternoon.

Otherwise I just slept until 1300, and then hid from the heat for the rest of the arvo. I had had the foresight to defrost Rabbits for the bigger snakes and rats for the smaller ones. I have them on rats atm as Eve needs rats to bulk up and I can't get one out of the bag so as I had a lump of 5, I just used them.

Ink got a pinky rabbit which she devoured. Lillith and Yingarana got the bigger rabbits. I did have doubts about the size of Yingara's bunny but she gave it a good fight. I came back to see a big lump. It was a bit too big, but she managed.
Yingarna and a huge belly

Alice shed.. :-) which is always interesting

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