Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot humid and headachy

Today started on the wrong foot. My trip home & hence sunrise photos
was marred by rain & clouds.
Had a snooze only to have my mother ring 2 times once at 0600 & again
at 0800. The second time got David up, so both of us were tired &

The heat did not help. Least mother's telephone issues seemed to be sorted out.

I had a headache that only got worse as the day progressed. Eventually
I was too sick to care what was going on.
After dropping off two films to the film place, David took me around
looking for a scanner that would scan my sprockets.
We covered all relevant shops in the local area, and in the process,
David got the speaker he wanted

After a charity sausage sizzle run but officeworks,
We were served promptly and competently in store, ignored in
Harvey Norman (as usual- this is why ppl shop on-line) good guys and
Dick Smith did not have what we were after, so after teasing the gen Y
(barely) sales child in powerhouse, we returned to officeworks.
David & I did a quick scout on the net for price comparisons, and
having found one $75 cheaper, headed inside.

David was Primed. This is
what he does best. I hate haggling.
The lady, at first baulked at the difference, but after checking our
source, gave us the scanner at a $90 reduction. Go price matching and

Having bagged our trophy, we had a cold drink at maccas and headed home.

Ppl who know my office will be wondering where I put the
scanner.. Lol rightly so. I filled up a box of papers, another
recycling box before I could see my desk.

I still had a headache, but it was only a thud now not making me I'll Anymore.

I spent the rest of my time scanning Spinner360 photos. :-)
Shane, me and His kids

Now at work. iPad free.. Sigh..
Tomorrow is a double back so I'll head to Port Botany I think.

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