insomnia strikes again

Not for the life of me could I sleep at all last night. I was asleep for an hour or two but then at 8pm, I was wide awake. To make it worse I was hungry and thirsty. Nothing I could do was getting me back to sleep. SO I got up. David made cheese and am toasties and we watched TV. After two hours of this, I went back to bed to try again. **Sigh** I looked and my chart and I got 2 hrs. On goody I have to work on 2hrs sleep. Bloody fatigue management my arse.
Trains still sleeping too early

The day was long, and at the last moment before going home, Ops made a stupid decision. OF course I can not talk about it in a public forum, but their weight will not be thrown around in this case. It is in red on the TOC waiver.

Most exciting news of the day was the cheap chemist will scan my negs to CD for $5.65 each. This is mega cheap. I am not complaining. Alas I did not take the negs to work so will have to drop them off tomorrow. :-( But YAY for the local pace being able to do it. :-) Very exciting. I am basically a pessimist so I bet they will not be able to scan the sprockets. :-( This will bum me out as the sprockets are the point.

A load of film and cameras from a mystery bag from the Lomography store came in a huge box. The cameras were a little disappointing, nothing I needed. Only one was mildly interesting. Shane offered to buy some off me, but would his kids find a use for them? One is a Pin hole camera that take ages to make a photo. Hmm maybe I should play with this one...I dunno. I like my 1940-1970 russian cameras. The funny thing is a russian camera came, a panorama one sealed in a box from russia. I didn't break the seals as I have not use for a panorama camera, Maybe ebay???

Anyway hopefully I will sleep tonight

Smena looks chirpy in get new legs & arm


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