Last two days

Sunrise Wilton

Sydney Airport

The readers who read my film blog, know what i was up to yesterday am. it was exhausting in that i really had not slept the night before. Luckily my arvo shift was reasonably quiet.
Medium format
My relief came in reasonably early and so i headed for the chemist who develops my film. I had a medium format waiting. I got there just before they closed and rushed in. The lady could not find my film, but i spied it on top of the machine. Hmm still in it's spool.. She read the post it note on the bag, "unable to process due to needing E-6 processing" damn damn damn. Had neglected on saturday to ask for cross processing. My fault the lady there pondered why they did not ring me and ask about it. Oh well. I dropped off a few more medium format rolls with Ripken instructions to process in c-41. I left disappointed but with the cd that had been returned as blank.
I got home and compares scans. My scam vs the shop scan. Mine were very very similar to their scan so I will not worry about home scanning my spinner negs.
Late night at the photo shop

I was exhausted and went to bed early, sleeping like the dead. I even slept in past David who had to drag me out of bed at 9am. yawn.

I was a good girl and paid my speeding fine, I was thrilled as it was the lower of the two fines so I was relieved to pay only $90 instead of the $220 plus fine.

Speeding fine

Grumpy Yvonne means sad David but he pulled it together to get me to the train winch i would have missed.
Epic sleep
Bob was the driver and i asked to familiarise myself with the new yard limits at Glenlee. A signal has been removed and two new ones future south have been installed. Interestingly a signal on the down has been out for two weeks due to an argument between the two companies that run that area. Strange really.
New yard limits
Arvo, good crew but Gavin had a fight with Harvey Norman and so is shitty with himself and grumpy.

No mail either. Grr


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