Saturday, January 22, 2011

a lull in my exciting life **Cough cough choke**

Today was an early wakeup as I had table shift coming. This allows for the shift time change for monday. pajama days suck hard. Seriously If I was a freight driver for the company that Bruce works for this day off would not count as a day off.
Marrickville Montage

David and I just pottered around I did totally forget to mow the lawn DAMN IT THis was my job.That and clean Jane's cage. GRR Now this is a job for my sunday. Oh well Jane cane spend the day outside. I think she is ready for substrate. Poor snake has tolerated glass and paper towel for long enough and she did get a clean bill of health. It is increasingly looking like I will keep Jane for myself. She is pleasant enough and what is one more snake? Really. She only eats a bunny every two months or so. So the Montage was the extend of my things done. It didn't even need to be done

Watched Avatar, and whilst I enjoyed the movie, I did feel it was a good story that was ruined with predictable love story and really all of the story was predictable. No one had ridden the orange dragon thing??? IN 5  generations? Well of course our hero will. SIGH. 
I have only seen one movie with a sad ending. The Beach. There is no happy ending, no one lives happily ever after and really? Its makes it more realistic. But this movie was over hyped and I am glad I did not buy into the nonsense.
Avatar - Flying 5

I dropped off the Ilford B&W film to David Wilson tonight. It will not be really until Monday but really I don't have the money to pick it up until friday, So hopeful I will have the other rolls dropped off by then.

Ah well busy day mowing tomorrow so Off to nap land.

eye Montage

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