Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Night (day) They Drove Old Dixie Down

The day was quiet, i got up at 1300 after getting yet another broken sleep. My body wakes up at 1000 everyday and it's annoying. Slept ok, but shorter than yesterday.
I settled into the office to tackle some outstanding photos, the trip to Taronga and the May trip to Queensland. Yes i am still not up to doing the rest of those photos.
I did tiger photos and just got up to the meerkats when the server died. It just shut down!!! I was in middle of the too. Arrghh what worried me more though is, if the server has really died then I have lost 11days of photos from the canon and goodness know how many from the iPhone. I am lucky though in that i do fortnightly backups due to Tim and Druey's loss of early 2010. Both of these boys lost heaps of photos. So i lost 11days, not too bad and at least the best ones are on Flickr.
Of course this also means that my backup is now the only copy.. My little 500gb drive it far too small for my backup to be backed up. I am now scared. I would like to buy a 2tb or 3 tb portable drive but will have to wait until next payday. I hope nothing else goes wrong. I hope David can get the old girl going and we can retrieve the missing photos. Poor David, he will have lost all of his handbag camera photos if they have gone. 

So my project halted. SIGH. It was raining so i could not even venture out and being a public holiday, Picton is closed. :-( i watched TV. Yes, i actually put on the TV. 

Feel like i wasted the day. Only a few photos done. 


Tiger Tiger in the Zoo

I can HAZ?

Got depressed at being alone. No one visited, David didn't come home. Other fiends were asleep or busy at work. If it had been sunny, i would have at least gone out. 

Decided on my 365 for the year,  will follow the DPS themes as best I can will be a change from 365 photos of me..:-)

Mail tomorrow !!!!!!!!! I will be outta bed and off to the PO unless David beats me to it. 


Fingers crossed the relief comes in tomorrow early for me

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