Monday, January 3, 2011

On to other things -random thoughts

10 rules of lomography

1. Take your Lomography everywhere
2. Use it anytime: day or night
3. Lomography js not an interference In your life but a part of it
4. Shoot from the hip
5. Get as close as possible
6. don't think
7. Be quick
8. Do not control the image before hand
9. Be surprised afterwards
10. Ignore these rules.

Lol of course David does this all for his normal digital photography. ESP shooting from the hip.

I am interested the action shot 16 but it is not available so iPhone app will have to do. Alas they only go to 9 shots..

In one month exactly Koen arrives in our fabulous country.. :-) luckily he will not mind 2 or 3 days alone to investigate the city.

Work is dull.. Most traffic is reduced due to the holiday timetable.

I have a florida address, but it seems it is still better to pay the extra shipping to get things to here if possible. Of course, it means i can buy stuff from even if it says no shipping to Australia :-) so it has a use.

Actual saw a sunrise again. The sun is up later now and so I can catch it again


Did some HDR in the few hours i was home alone and awake.

View from the elephant enclosure over the Aquarium

Bumbum head annoys me.

I worked on some zoo photos

Oh NO!! My foot is stuck!

Elephants at Taronga Zoo

Elephants at Taronga Zoo

People's exes annoy me. Esp when they have never met me. How insecure do you have to be to ban 52% of the population? How small minded is you cannot accept other people's ways of life may not be the same as yours. Are we back in 1945??

Pleased with my fireworks, but will HDR some next time.

New Year's Fireworks

Midnight. Now the 3rd.

Headache has gone due to tablets taken. Feeling ok, but detached. Brought my camera equipment. Hope to catch the sun again

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