Saturday, January 8, 2011

quiet saturday

Firstly A new Avatar. Taken today. The old one was two years ago, no three!!


Work was relaxing today. Nothing much to do and the crew was good. :-) I just pottered around and read all my RSS feeds finally catching up.

I was exhausted most of the day but was ok to drive. The drive was annoying (I only drove as the south is shut) as everyone was driving way below the posted speed (It was dry) and P plates insisted on being in the right hand lane. GRRR

David was not home when I got home. Hmm

As it was he had been unlucky enough to have a car accident :-( Poor David can't catch a trick this week.

Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour

I just finished the December folder on my photos so now the only photos outstanding are the one from May. I really must get on with that...

Home alone again tonight. :-(

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  1. I like the new avatar photo. I also use down time at work to catch up on RSS feeds. It's an efficient use of time, plus it's nice to get paid to read things for fun.


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