rush rush rush

today was a rush from  the very beginning. I started last night, when
my relief went off sick, but it worked out as Ghaleb took the
overtime. I was not eligible as I was starting at 1800 anyway, I also
had a 0900 appointment.
Dave (A colleague not my David) gave me a lift to Campbelltown so I
was able to get home around 0630. This meant a 2hr sleep before my
appointment. yay!

It was a struggle to drag my sorry arse outta bed but I made it. I met
Sarah at Bliss and the staff were disappointed that I did not have my
husband with me. They adore him and always ask where he is, when he
will visit etc etc.
Sarah decided only one eye needed work so I have only one sore and
swollen eye. yay I think... :-) I am thrilled with her work and highly
recommend her.

Only 1 eye needed touch up

I got the mail, dropped it on my office chair and collapsed back into
bed where I stayed until 1430. I had a 1800 start up ahead and after
David cut a film canister for me, I departed with 100 minutes to go
the 45 minutes drive to work. You know if i mention time something
happened. ....

As I approached the intersection of Picton Road and the Hume Highway,
I heard on the ABC that the M5 was closed OH NO!!!!! It is bad enough
to drive in peak hour but to have the major expressway into town
closed it will be struggle to get in to work. SIgh

I was right. I turned off in time to not get trapped on the
expressway, but the traffic was worse than usual. To be expected. To
make matters  much worse, the expressway in the opposite direction was
closed due to an accident. AARGHH

Unusually Bad Traffic

At 1600 I rang to say I would be late and at 1730, I was only at
Earlwood. I was now tearing my hair out as people were driving at
38km/hr with no one in front of them WTF are they doing??

I made it to work at 1745. It took that long to get 83km. Bloody hell.
Stupid sydney traffic.

I was able to sit down and gather my wits. I opened a box and fixed up
an old lady.. using a blank 35mm case and some tape. I could not get
the film to stay otherwise.
I am happy. :-)

Cmena8 -sexy!

I move to East Hills and then it all goes to shit. Sigh. A circuit
breaker causes disaster and I was busy for ages. I am in quiet time
again now and I hope the rest of the evening stays that way. Tomorrow
should be quieter. I hope to make it to the shops and pick up the cd I
ordered of my last few films and drop off two more. I do hope they
process medium format...Film #2


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