Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rush rush

Try again... Damned app deleted my entry... GRR
Newtown Station

I went to find a new photo lab. It was advertised on the web site as being open from 0800-1800. Oh ok. I finish work at 0600 so i can wait 2 hours.
Enmore RoadNewtown Bridge
To fill in the time, I parked at Newtown silos and took some photos of Newtown. I used up my Lubitel film and played with the Cmena 8M. As the sun rose, i went to Botany road Macdonalds and used the last of my cash on a coffee.
Botany Rd Maccas

When the time ticked over to 0730, i made my way to the lab, and found a park. It is a busy street and you need to get there early to get a car space. Looking at the door, a sign was posted... Oh no.. Don't tell me they are closed for a Aussie day long weekend. I go and look at the sign.. Open Thursday 27th and Friday 28th 0900-1700 ARRGGHHHH having already wasted 2.5 hours, I could hardly give up but damn!! Another hour and all I wanted to do was sleep.
Sign In Dunks St
Finally they opened, and I got to talk to the people. They were not as expensive as I thought that they would be $24.95 for the two films. I asked him about the Ilford and why the previous film lab would not touch it and he was puzzled. It is just an ordinary B&W he said. Oh well.

On my way home and the 0930 am traffic was irritating. I was concerned with a taxi that I was stuck behind as he would almost stop then zoom forward then stop again all in the 80 zone in the M5 tunnel. Very very dangerous. Had I been his passenger I would be demanding to get let out and most certainly complain to the company. inspire of his driving, I did not hit him and managed to get to Picton unscathed. As t was after 10, I popped down to the the post office so David would not have to go down in the heat of the day. It was already 30C and steamy.

I was grateful to hit my bed in my dark, cold room. Every hot hot day I an grateful that David installed an Air-conditioning in my bedroom. The big lounge one is not used, I have used it once this year and only for an hour to get air moving but the bedroom and office ones are used all the time. A godsend.

David woke me up around 1730 with dinner in bed. He had cooked and served it to me on a tray. AWWWWW I was unwilling to leave my cold room and when I did have to move I felt the heat of the rest of the house. My house is insulated and cooler than outside but it gets to 28C inside when outside is around 40C. Not bad and certainly bareable. I just prefer 21 to 28. Fussy eh?

Getting to work was a challenge, there were 5 transits at Picton, and it was hilarious watching the loop line passengers not join the bus after thinking about it carefully. My train was cancelled and Deb was not told so it was a surprise when, at 1912, she got a call to see if the bus had turned up. Sigh.
The transits followed me on to the coach and the passengers on the coach got off when they saw them. They had to push past them, leaving the boys and the bus driver laughing in their wake. It is a one hour wait..... :-)

I missed the 2002 by a minute as the bus arrived just after it left and so was on the 2017 train, meaning I made it to work with 2 minutes to go. I was hot and very sweaty, not pleasant at all.
Of course now, in the box, it is freezing...

I hope to make the train tomorrow am but knowing my luck recently I may have to hang around for the next train. :-( We shall see.

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