Self pity

I am pleased to see it has been a while since I have been selfish enough to wallow in self-pity, but today is one day. Actually it relates to tomorrow.
I know Tim and Drue have to work. That's ok. They can't help that.

What set me off was a 'friend' didn't think I was worth 20minutes of his time. Great I am that important that he could not even spend 20 minutes with me.

Someone else is spending time with his family, again perfectly reasonable. I am not being reasonable. I know I am not.

Not friendly enough with anyone to be included in family stuff (Reasonable) No family if my own around to hold a BBQ (OK) and the rest are working. I STIL FEEL AVOIDED.

I know how David feels when no one wants to go to River Island.

FTR He is at River Island, working on the roof, and I should be there to help him, but I am rostered.

AND so I am going into town alone. To spend time around happy families to me feel even more alone.

Fuck this mood. Fuck being a leper.

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